I knew planning a destination wedding in Cancun would be an undertaking, but I had no idea how difficult and time consuming it would be just getting information from and negotiating with the resorts directly.

When I was introduced to Lauré I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I had already decided on a resort I loved and signed a contract, but room block negotiations were making my head spin. Lauré quickly put my mind at ease - she knew exactly what she was doing. She took over the communications with the resort, helped us determine the appropriate size room block, and managed the room block throughout the process. Her insight was invaluable. I would have made so many missteps had it not been for her guidance - all the way down to how to word things on my invitations and website to get the best response from guests.

Speaking of which, we were optimistically ball-parking around 80-90 guests and ended up with over 100, which I truly believe is a testament to how effectively Lauré communicated with everyone. Once guests sent an initial inquiry to Lauré, she followed up with them like clockwork and I heard from multiple friends how responsive she was and how straightforward and easy she made the booking process. Without a doubt, we would not have had anywhere near that headcount had we left it up to guests to book directly through the resort.

I cannot emphasize enough how necessary Lauré's services are if you're planning a trip with a large group and would also like to maintain your sanity. Future brides especially, you will have plenty of things to worry about while planning your wedding, do not let this be one of them.

Lauré, thank you so much for all your hard work, diligence, and support. You were an absolute lifesaver!

Christina & Ben,

Travel & Luxury Vacations