Trop Rock Travel

We are excited to launch our new travel company. We aim to help escapists like you experience Trop Rock Musicians in their natural habitat. Join us on vacations in incredible resorts designed to pamper you like royalty on the shores of paradise while you listen to songwriters sing about those very tropical destinations.

Trop Rock Travel (TRT), was created as a division of Travel and Luxury Vacations, LLC (TLV). Travel Luxury Vacations has been providing travel services for years, specializing in destination weddings and group travel. Agency Owner, Laure’ Poffenberger and Travel Consultant, Yvonne Bukowski have booked many trop rock (and other) group trips over the last 10+ years including Trop Rockin’ In Paradise, Mexico Meltdown, Songwriters in the Sand, Karibbean Karavan, and Heading South with Southbound.

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