Life is Still Life… Even in Paradise

I have received some questions recently asking me if I believe it is safe to travel to the resort areas in Mexico. When trouble happens near a beautiful resort town (especially when it is in Mexico), it oftentimes grabs the headlines for days or months. It gets people's attention... and creates questions of safety. The news headlines in 2017 and early 2018 have caused some people to question whether Cancun or Playa del Carmen are safe.

One thing I learned very early in my travel career is that: "Life is still life... even in paradise".

Bad things can happen anywhere, at any time. The weather might turn ugly just when you arrive. You might get a room next to some partiers who like loud music late at night. Over indulging on food and drinks may result in a temporary “timeout” in your room.

I had a personal mishap at my daughter’s destination wedding in Playa del Carmen a few years ago. She cut her foot so deeply it required a trip to the hospital for stitches. I decided to take a quick peek at her foot while they were stitching it up. That was a bad idea! I passed out almost immediately and hit the floor hard. I ended up with both eyes black and blue… two days before her wedding. The resort spa staff did wonders with make up to cover my black eyes and bruises! My daughter wore a blue water shoe for her wedding. Now we all laugh about this story and it’s another great reminder that “Life is still life....even in paradise”.

Usually, the really bad things happen away from the resort areas where poverty and drugs exist. Seldom do you hear about a big problem at a luxury, high end resort. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the basics of safety.

Here are “Laure’s travel tips” (whether in Mexico or any other tropical destination):

  • Stay at the best resorts (traveling in a foreign country is not the time to try to save money)
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and the people around you (don’t let your guard down at home or in a foreign country)
  • Only travel to a destination where you feel safe (be choosy about where you go and where you stay)

And the most important tip of all…

Remember, life is still life... even in paradise.

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