I was the typical bride that was overwhelmed with all my choices of how to plan my wedding date. I didn't know if I wanted to do a destination wedding or a local /traditional wedding here in my hometown.

Once I finally made up my mind that planning a traditional wedding would physically kill me with my type “A" personality, I tried looking into all my options of having a destination wedding. I thought the stress would stop there but little did I know I was overwhelmed again with all the emails, brochures, venue calls from other destination wedding locations that I almost regretted my decision.

Around that time, my sister reminded me of her friend’s aunt -who was a travel agent and could maybe help me with all this. Ladies, she turned into my knight in shining armor. She emailed me places that fit exactly what I was looking for (I needed a place that was family friendly) instead of just looking at all the potential places. Her knowledge and experience with traveling made my decision of picking the country/venue so easy.

After that, she walked me every step of the way. Ladies, you don't understand, please listen to me here from a past bride! Destinations weddings can be stressful too! I had guests losing their passports almost the day before we left, people canceling their trip, people wanting to join in on the trip months later after the deadline. But guess what, that's where Lauré came in. I didn't have to worry about my father- in-law not having a passport until the day before his departure, or my sister-in-law wanting to come way past the deadline - because everyone knew to JUST CONTACT Lauré!

Literally, the day before we left my dad had so many questions and instead of sitting on the phone with him for an hour - I got to concentrate on getting my last minute details done while Lauré explained everything to him via the phone. I think I would have had a panic attack trying to organize not just a wedding but also everyone's travel arrangements as well. I cannot recommend her enough to all you ladies! Lauré literally made my wedding day happen! In summary, I loved that I got to spend not just one night with all my loved ones- but several days making memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Lauré for everything you did for my wedding vacation! And you future brides - congratulations in advance!

Katie & Michael ,

Travel & Luxury Vacations